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Creativity Eliminating Labels (Article) – by Jennifer Antonio

Creativity Eliminating Labels by Jennifer Antonio

Experiencing different careers lead to different view points of a person’s “expected” role.


I’m assuming you have seen a businessman before. Typically a male working in some sort of industry that accumulates a lot of income. Let’s say he’s working for the honda dealer ship. He probably has a great house, wife and two kids. They always go on vacation. A lot of people like this particular businessman and consider him a man with high prestige.

Now, let’s change this situation around. Let’s pretend that this man is a construction worker. He works long hard hours, possibly living in a low costly apartment with his two dogs. He had maybe a few girlfriends, but they always leave him. He fights with the landlord and never pays his bills on time.

Let’s stop there. Isn’t it interesting how the same man can instantly change? Putting the same man into a different career labels automatically gives us assumptions how his life is, what people consider him and how he actually might be treated.

Though, these are all stereotypes. What if the businessman was actually living the life has the construction man where he was the one only working hard hours, living in a low costly apartment. Compared to the construction man where he could be living the life of his dreams. What if these people we’re actually girls? Does that change the situation?

What if these people we’re actually girls? Does that change the situation?”

Creativity is an important skill to master. If we don’t take time to acknowledge it’s benefits, we start assuming a people’s life. We should use creativity as a skill that over looks a person’s social status and realize we are all the same.

Creativity is linked to our skill levels of the right side of the brain, which has the greatest capacity of finding a common ground. With the book ,”Drawing on the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards she states that creativity helps with perception; that finds a mutual understanding of visual and verbal information (right side brain).

When a society opens up to creativity, they see no more than similarities. Nothing separates us but the labels and levels of professions that we think is more “valuable”.

When you look at the world through those different “labels’, we treat everyone according to that label. What’s fascinating is you can change your whole life around by distinguishing your profession.

As an artist, I’ve had the privilege to witness different social status’s coming together through different mini career’s I do on the side, which I label as “unique”, “different” and “entertaining”.


My first career that I’ve started at age 7 was magic. After 15 years in the business; you see everything. You are the witness of ever show and audience. You have the “label” on controlling the audiences reactions. You decide what they should see.

People think of you as no other than a magician. Live and breath as an entertainer. After every show, the families or fans I speak to are amazed if I mention my other hobbies. Even if it’s just sleeping or eating; it seems like an “awe” moment.

Through a creative mind, I’m able to see all types of “labels’ that come together and break barriers of who should talk to who, or “laugh at certain times”. It’s funny when a waitress or a lawyer start to make a friendship.

Breaking the ice happens at many moments, especially when I’m cutting a person in half, or hypnotizing my bunny. I control the emotions and the engagement of the crowd, but when the shows ends; the label’s don’t .

I control the emotions and the engagement of the crowd, but when the show ends; the label’s don’t.”

Face paint

Face painting is another unique profession I do. When you cover up a person’s face; they seem that they shattered their “supposed roles”.

Through the different types of genders and age; every person enjoys their face paint and turns into the character I paint.

It’s fun when they get painted a minion (a popular kids movie character that is yellow), spiderman or a lion. They become silly and fierce; you kind of forget who’s personalities truly belonged to who.

It’s truly remarkable labels don’t end, and it’s a ever lasting roller coaster of being this person, than that person and then the next one.

So is face paint a cover up for people being themselves or transforming to the next label?


Every person deals with some sort of stereotype. Even the most genuine person is labeled “nice” because of their looks, family history or because they may “have it all”. A study was done in my Women’s and Gender Studies class back in 2014, held at the University of Winnipeg. They referred to the word “feminism”.

The most interesting topic was how others believed a “feminist’ would look like. Characters included manly, big, tom boy and queer.

None of these labels are actually wrong; though we assume because a person is a type of person, we suspect certain types of people.

Remember my discussion of magic? I always able to break barriers of social status.

Feminist is relevant. There is no type of person who should or be a feminist. Anyone is applicable if they choose to be.

When our class saw the video of “I am a Feminist”, their was a huge range of people that defining labels were gone.



Many creative people are known to seeing past social rules and structures. They break free of many “right ways” and remove the false limits on what others said they are suppose to believe, practice or do.

They break free of many “right ways” and remove the false limits”

Even in my creative life, I try to phase out on how to do certain styles and let my imagination wander. I just try to enjoy people as is and try not to pull in on their social status.

Even myself who may have a thousand labels, it’s good to remember we all do. Creativity allows us to remember we are all people trying to figure ourselves out. We all have a leadership or followers role where we saw how others were treated and how their lives could be.

It’s extremely interesting how we assume a person would be because of their label of what they do. When we say a person is this, we assume a person will become or is that label.

Embrace the creative mindset and remember everyone has their own life. You never know, maybe a “businessman” or “construction worker” were a couple traveling together.

Exercises you can do to embrace creativity and remove social labels:

  • Take pictures of different people in their uniforms and draw them the same colours

  • Take those pictures and write the exact same life style for the same occupation

  • Pretend you are the president of your country; write laws for your country and make sure they are applicable for every person where they occupation does not matter

  • Talk to a group of people in different industries and find similarities. Make your own collage how these people have similar roles and lifestyles.


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Jennifer Antonio

About the Writer

Jennifer Antonio, the creator of “Creative Boundless’ at who refers herself to Boundie” helps others to peruse creative mediums while being active . With her tagline, she hopes others see the benefits of doing activities you love without boundaries. She focuses on art, fitness, travel and entrepreneurship so you can have the best life ever :)”

Follow her at @JennAntonioArt /

Creativeboundless @CreativeBoundless

Jennifer Antonio 

Be artist Be art - urban magazine
Be artist Be art – urban magazine

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