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Overcome Abuse – by Amanda Mae (Collaborator)


Amanda is an extraordinary powerful woman who would be collaborating with us to show how she overcomed abuse, her story it´s amazingly inspirational and hopeful for all the women in her situation. All of us, men and women we have a lot of to learn from this hard experience. 

overcome abuse -  by Amanda Wright - be artist be art - urban magazine
overcome abuse – by Amanda Wright


Overcome Abuse – by Amanda Mae (Collaborator)


My name is Amanda. I survived Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. But, that doesn’t define who I am. I am a KC-135 Crew Chief (Airplane Mechanic) in the USAF, an aspiring country singer/songwriter, and a single mother to a beautiful baby girl.

I started writing my story about the many types of abuse I experienced with my ex-husband in hopes that I can help others who are experiencing any type of abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. I have found that the more I write, the more people reach out to me with their questions, experiences, encouragement and support, the more peace I feel. I’m heartbroken that so many women relate on such a horrible subject. I want to expand my audience so I can help more people and educate the world on abuse.

My goal is to become a motivational speaker, a Victim Advocate on my military base and in my community.

About the writter

Follow her at:

Twitter @overcomeabuse16

Facebook: OvercomeAbuse


Be artist Be art - urban magazine
Be artist Be art – urban magazine

In Be artist Be art we are completely #AGAINST any kind of #ABUSE, to any women, kids, persons, animals or our earth!



Stop abuse - be artist be art
Stop abuse – be artist be art

4 thoughts on “Overcome Abuse – by Amanda Mae (Collaborator)

  1. Any men that are reading this please for the love of god listen to what she’s saying. It’s all true…. I was all of those things. I did most of what she’s written about in her article. Not because I didn’t love her, but because I didn’t live myself. What I can tell you men is that change is possible if you accept it into your heart. Recognize your mistakes and bad behavior and don’t make justifications. When you feel bad don’t turn to drugs like I did. They don’t help. They only draw you into a narcisytc cycle of apathy and adrenaline. Seek help please before you lose something that means the world to you. If any men need directions please feel free to contact me on fb or my email and remember change start with you and you can change!

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