World Music Genre – by Bålfolket (Review)


The group

Bålfolket currently consists of Lena Paalviig-Johnsen (vocals, framedrum), Bobby Dragonheart Kure (Digdgeridoo, vocals and framedrum), Anita Dreyer (vocals and framedrum) and Kyrre Gram Franck (Vocals, flute and framedrum) Together they form a musical expression which is strongly rooted in the Arctic. We draw inspiration from nature, midnight sun and northern lights. The three tribes in the north, the Sami, Norse and Kven have and impact on the sounds of Bålfolket, we carry the legacy with us, says Bobby Dragonheart Kure.

Bålfolket has been predicted an exciting future on the international world music scene by a number of notabilities from the world music scene in Norway. Bålfolket has existed since 2002 and had its debut at the Festival of North Norway the same year.




World Music Genre – by Bålfolket


The Music

Bålfolkets music can be difficult to define says Lena Paalviig-Johnsen. We fit well into the world music genre, but with elements of contemporary music we fit also for those who want to challenge their cultural sense. One might say that we are Ur in culture. Our music is highly improvised, everything is made on the fly and in the moment. One might say that it is a bad excuse for not rehearsing, but not if you have ever been to a consert with us. We are #ArcticSound #ArcticSpirit
Recent research shows that music has a number of positive health effects. That music is balm for the soul are known to most, but according to a doctoral dissertation on this by Kari Bjerke Batt-Rawden this effect is now documented. Music has been used for millennias. Plato and Pythagoras acknowledged that music healed body and soul. Aristotles talked about catharsis, about how music can create a cleansing of body and soul. I have not measured it, but there is research showing that, among other things, my professor Tia DeNora at the University of Exeter. She talks about highlight experiences that we may live long upon, such as creating good endorphins in the body. Music as people say “go right in the marrow” or “hit me in the soul” shows how music has the ability to transform us in ways that feel good, a kind of bliss that seems to have a positive health effect. Illness and disease can be mastered through playing or listening to music. Participants talked about how they draw strength, hope and comfort through music. Custom music can strengthen the immune system, stimulate digestion, reduce blood pressure and improve mood, says Dr. Batt-Rawden.



International attention

With their musical expression Bålfolket has stirred international interest. On several occasions they have been the main band at Wild Ways folk festival in Shropshire together with artists such as music legend Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band and Andy Letcher from Telling the bees. In addition, during an appearance on Sviests Eco festival in Latvia they received appraisal. The organizer wrote ; “Bålfolket’s performance literally enchanted the festivals space and beyond. Their sound is rooted in great depths and resonated in every listener, leaving a feeling of profoundness and enjoyment. ”




World Music Genre – by Bålfolket





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    1. being a Native Norwegian, I had to look up the meaning of the world…. WoW! Thank you so much! I’m honored and thank you also on behalf of the rest of Bålfolket.

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