disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

#DISCONNECT Art Show – Feb 15 @ London – by @XEventsUK & Be Artist Be Art Magazine

disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

DISCONNECT Art Show – Feb 15 @ London 

by XEventsUK & Be Artist Be Art Magazine



Welcome to Disconnect, an art show for those willing to question.

Modern society has increasingly become a place of social disconnect where we pass each other on the street without even an acknowledgement, unaware of those around us. Disconnect intends to explore the reasons why, through the use of mixed arts.

(and a complimentary drink)

Get your tickets now at: BUY TICKECTS

Artists will explore themes of sexuality, social constructs, technology, race and gender in their works, providing their own personalised view of what disconnect means to them. All of this in a unique venue right in central London: the only remaining purpose built stable from 1797, underground and just off Russell Square underground station.

The profits from the event will go to ‘Help Refugees’ Charity organisation: committed to providing refugees with basic needs, doing so in a manner which maintains their dignity. Find out more at helprefugees.org.uk

disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

Join us and get ready to RECONNECT.


The Horse Hospital
United Kingdom

Event is strictly 18+. For any enquiries contact: xeventsuk@gmail.com

Here you can see a selection of some of the great Artists featured in the exhibition, to enjoy all them with the rest of the outstanding artists selected you can access to the exhibition here –> BUY TICKECTS


Paulo Calvino - disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

Paul Calvino is an emerging Italian independent painter who’s abstract pieces appeared at the Miami Biennale in 2014 and in a number of galleries in Rome. As well as modelling in the Italian capital, Milan and Paris, he enjoyed starring in a number of live painting performances in the past year, and he’s got something planned for DISCONNECT too.

Come see the live creation of a unique piece: from white canvas to…


In 2012, Mehyar Sawas Studied sculpture at the Technical Institute of Applied Art, Damascus. It was here where he learned to create harmony in his works through the influence of his professor Ibrahim Alawad. After leaving Damascus for Istanbul at the end of 2014, he focused towards structuring his goals and improving his skills.

In October, 2015 he arrived in Vienna as a refugee with very little. Starting from scratch meant that he had a lack of materials and tools but this did not stop him for fulfilling his dreams. The Mo.ë gallery offered Mehyar a space to prepare pieces. Mehyar decided to create sculptures about what fascinates him, the human emotions. Using minimal resources he expresses the exploration of human emotions through the use of textures and curves within a human silhouette.

More on Mehyars Sawas’ story can be found here.


Adam Polpi - disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

People in modern culture tend to ignore an issue until it’s brought to the individual’s attention.

Challenging this ignorance of society is what Adam Popli aims to visualise through this work, forcing people to recognise the current state which humanity has reached.

He invites the audience to reflect on their individual responsibilities towards Mother Earth provoking people environmentally as well as being politically daring.

“ I stand for a change! “

Watch the full performance at DISCONNECT


disconnect exhibition - be artist be art magazine

A progressive performance of sonorities created on the spot with effects and modulations of the sound, shades of bass music and trip HOP on a mainly ambient base.

This is Fluid Cubo – you may already have seen his name on the next Proxy London lineup for the EGG. He will perform at DISCONNECT b2b with live painter Paul Calvino for about 1:30hrs of emotional and sensorial guide.

Get your tickets now at: BUY TICKECTS

DISCONNECT Art Show – Feb 15 @ London 

by XEventsUK & Be Artist Be Art Magazine


Be Artist Be Art Magazine

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